all hail the king!

For refreshment, one drink reigns supreme. Coconutea is a unique combination of premium green tea, natural fruit flavours and the nutrient and mineral packed water from the majestic King Coconut. That’s it. Nothing artificial. We’re organic and vegan.

Chill it. Shake it. And go King Coconutty!

meet the royal family

Choose from six flavours – a subtle hint of lemon, peach, pineapple, soursop, passion fruit or strawberry.

Or go king coconutty and stock up with all six!

well, well, well…

It seems we’ve created one of the healthiest drinks on the market.

Indigenous to Sri Lanka, the majestic King Coconut contains a remarkable liquid that locals reverently refer to as ‘the fluid of life’.

Prized for its health enhancing properties, King Coconut water is a wonderfully rich source of natural nutrients and minerals, including potassium and iron.

We blend King Coconut water with premium green tea (a natural source of things like polyphenols and flavonoids) hand-picked from the finest estates on the island.

Finally, to make our unique organic blend extra special, we add natural fruit flavours to ensure everyone has the chance to pick a favourite.

a gem, discovered in Sri Lanka, that we’re proud to share with the world

wow, what a journey…

We set off on a mission to discover something extra special to add to our current range of rare artisanal teas and ended up unearthing something beyond our wildest expectations.

It’s a fusion, developed by one of our master tea sommeliers, of premium green tea, natural fruit flavours and (here comes the special bit) water from the Sri Lankan King Coconut.

Created by nature solely for drinking and containing far less sugar than the common green coconut, King Coconut water is a mainstay of Ayurvedic medicine. Better still, it’s one of the planet’s most re-hydrating liquids – packed with a staggering range of naturally occurring organic nutrients and minerals (and when we say staggering, we mean it. Just try fitting a list of them all on the back of a bottle!).

Once we discovered the remarkable, health-enhancing properties of King Coconut water, we knew we’d have something extra special if we combined it with our premium green tea and natural fruit flavours.

So that’s just what we did. And we soon realised we’d created a health drink that not only tastes great, but lifts mind, body and soul.

We’d created ‘Coconutea’. A Superfood in a bottle.

It will put a spring in your step and a smile on your face – and once you’ve tried your first Coconutea the only thing you may prefer is a different flavour!


chill it. shake it.
and go King Coconutty!

You can do anything when you’re feeling fit and healthy. And, we believe nothing will make you feel better than a Coconutea.

Thanks to its great, refreshing taste and the unique combination of naturally occurring minerals and nutrients, it’s the perfect, healthy alternative to all the sugar filled soft drinks lining the shelves.

So shake things up and get active, or simply chill-out with a cool bottle of your favourite flavour close to hand.

It won’t just refresh your body – it will refresh your appetite for life.

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